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Alo Yoga Haul

Today, I am writing about my recent Alo Yoga Haul! I got a lot of nice clothes on sale and wanted to share with you. Starting off, I got the Bay Hoodie in pink. I wear this every morning to the gym and it is so comfy. I love the cut and the fit and it’s just so perfect for running out in the morning when it’s chilly. Next, I got the Goddess leggings, also featured in this picture. These leggings are my first piece from the brand and I got them when I started my yoga teacher training. They look like I’m wearing leg warmers and I love how they cover the heel of my foot. It’s so perfect for yoga, going from pose to pose.

The next piece I got was actually on sale. It’s a pair of white leggings with pretty thick material but the white color makes them a bit see-through. I love the cut-out sections in the leggings, they add such a chic edge to a casual pair of workout leggings.

This next pink Crop Tank I wear with these leggings is super cute and I love the built-in bra. It’s definitely not enough support for something like running but it’s perfect for a barre class or quick yoga practice. It’s another chic piece to add to your workout gear outfits. I also love how it fits me, I just feel super fit and sleek.

In the same category, I got this white Geometric Bra. It is such an interesting piece, I love the geometric aspect to it. Like all of the other pieces, it’s so cute and so comfy. Again, it’s great for yoga or low-impact activity. As cute as it is, it isn’t the most support for our bigger-chested people.

My next item is a pink Trackie Bra and I got this item on sale too! It was such a great find and I just love the color. It’s so soft and I just like how interesting it is, I haven’t seen a top like this before. This is very almost futuristic, I really like it. I’m definitely one to show a little bit more skin for a hot yoga class, so this is perfect for that. After this, I got purple Criss Cross Leggings, again on sale (I made out like a bandit)! These are really cool leggings that have all these like criss crosses on them. They were a little hard to get on so I will give it that but they have this really cool detail on the foot where it actually wraps under your foot. It’s called the Stirrup Bottom, I like this for yoga a lot. I don’t love this for running.

Up next, these are the Coast Leggings with yogi toes and they're very similar to the first pair of leggings that I showed. They’re white with cutouts again. These also are a little see-through so don’t wear them on squat day! They fit so well and are incredibly comfortable.

Pairing with those leggings, I have the pink Cropped Tank Top, which was on sale! This wasn’t my favorite one, it’s just a lot of money for a very simple crop top. I personally wouldn’t wear this - I would rather just wear a sports bra or a full top. However, I love the color (soft pink is my favorite) and it’s so soft!

Next, I have the Overlay Tank in white. It’s similar to the previous top, but the back is insane! It’s got this really cool fishnet pattern in the back, it’s so cute and different. It gives me a sort of beehive vibe? Save the bees! I love the layering and I love that I can show off a cute sports bra underneath.

Working with these, I have the pink Cropped Leggings. They have this nice smooth knit texture! They’re also not see-through which is a plus for leg day. I love how soft and stretchy they are.

I love this color. This is the purple Strap Top, again on sale! I got this top in dusted plum. I like this piece because it’s so different. I usually see tank tops or loose t-shirts, and this goes beyond that with the use of the looser straps and tight t-shirt. It gives off a fun illusion and it’s just so creative. I like to keep all of my clothes in the same color schemes, so that everything matches and I get the most bang for my buck.

Last but not least, I got this white Tank Top on sale. This top is so lightweight, which makes it great for working out. It’s also made in a non-workout material so I could easily pair it with a pair of jeans. With it being so lightweight, it’d be a great piece in the summer, whether you’re going to a barre class or just grabbing some lunch with friends!

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