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Amazon Gift Guide

Amazon has been life changing for me (hello 2-day shipping!), and it has made Christmas shopping 10x easier with quick shipping and easy returns. I posted on my Instagram stories (@nicole_huesman) with my top Amazon Christmas picks and it was such a hit that I knew I needed to post it more permanently on the blog. As always, if you see something you love, just click on the image to be taken right to the product page, xoxo Nicole!

Homesick Candle

Especially this year, when a lot of us won't be able to make it home for the holidays, this gift will be a hit. This would be the perfect gift to send to someone that you can't be with this Holiday season, or someone who can't get home as often as they like (which is most of us). They have a scent for every state, most cities, and even some memories. I'll definitely be getting a Virginia candle for myself and a Minnesota candle for my husband as we quarantine at our home this Christmas Season.

Yeti Insulated Mug

I was lucky enough to get a Yeti insulated mug for my birthday last year and have used it every single day since I got it. If I fill it with ice before I go to bed, the ice is still there in the morning and lasts me through the next day. The cup doesn't sweat and is also beautiful to look at. It comes in so many different colors, I promise you cannot go wrong with this cup.

Revlon Volumizing Hot Air Brush

While I really wish that I could take a trip to DryBar every single day for the perfect blowout look, this hot air brush is the next best thing. It allows you to blow dry and brush your hair at the same time to reduce frizz and add volume.

Must Have Wine Gifts

I recently found out about wine chillers and I am obsessed. Not only do they keep your wine cool, they also look so adorable! This would be the perfect hostess gift or gift for the new homeowner. And these wine glasses are so unique, I can't imagine that anyone already has a set.

Cozy Slippers

Let's face it, 2020 has been a year of only dressing from the waist up (where we can be seen in zoom calls). These slippers are sure to keep your friends/family/self comfy over the holiday season and as we all go back (virtually) to the office.

For the Coffee Lovers

I keep trying to get these mugs to make a Youtube video with, but in my house they get used so quickly I either need to get more or wake up before 6am if I want to get a clean glass. We only ever use these mugs anymore, they keep cold drinks from sweating and hot drinks from burning your hand. And this coffee press . . . in pink? Could you ask for anything better than pink and caffeine? I think not.

Kindle Paperwhite

Easily my favorite item on this list. I am an avid reader and absolutely obsessed with how easy and convenient this makes reading through my list of must reads. Not only can you carry your entire library with you no matter where you go, you can easily get new book with either a wifi or a cellular connection.

Guess Who

I love this childhood favorite. It was such a fun easy game to play as a kid. I'll be stepping it up this year and customizing this board game specific to my family so that we can play with familiar faces.

Gift Amazon Prime Membership

The best gift to get from Amazon Prime this year is also the gift that keeps on giving with so many perks including 2 day shipping, Amazon streaming services, and exclusive prime deals. If you happen to know that the person you are shopping for does not have Prime, this will be the gift that keeps on giving!

Get Amazon Prime Membership

If you've made it all the way through this article and you don't have Amazon Prime, it's time to treat yourself. Not only do I think it's one of the best subscriptions that you can buy for yourself, you can actually try it free for 30 days to see for yourself. Here's to making the holiday season that much easier this year.

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