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What's In My Handbag

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

I don’t know why, but I love getting a look into what a woman carries in her purse, it makes me feel like I get an inside view of their life! I’m really excited to show you what I carry in my handbag. I actually have two of them, but I alternate between the two based on what I’m wearing that day, what I’m doing, and where I’m going. The first bag I have is my Dolce and Gabbana Sicily bag, which is definitely my go-to but if I have a busier day and need more space or just running out (or if my outfit doesn’t match), I go with my other bag, the Louis Vuitton Neverfull.

I’ll start by showing off the contents of the Dolce and Gabbana bag, though most of these items never go in all at once (I don’t think they’d fit!). So I’ll tell you which ones are the essentials and which ones go in based on different activities. There’s a couple items for my Louis Vuitton Neverfull that only go in here, but overall, most everything goes in the Neverfull.

Starting off, I have my wallet! I just upgraded from this Madewell monogrammed cardholder (you’ll come to learn I LOVE monograms) and now my new one is by the Daily Edit, with my new initials NMH in gold. It’s saffiano leather and opens to be a mini-cardholder with a slot for bills and coins. It’s small and sleek which is perfect for me, because I hate the full-size wallets. I think that they just take up wayyy too much room and room is a capital resource when you’re dealing with the Sicily bag. Also from the Daily Edit, I have my key pouch, also monogrammed. Maybe I’m just late to the game, but I think this is so cool. You have a keychain for your keys (and the keys slide into the pouch) and it attaches to your bag so when it’s at the end of a long day, you aren’t digging through your bag to find your keys. The key pouch is also great from keeping your things from getting scraped up inside your bag!

Next up, I have my two portable chargers from Mophie. The first one I got as an intern at Facebook as a gift from the company. It was the first portable charger I actually liked because the cord is attached to the charger and it has a micro-usb! The color is so cute and it’s from 2016, so I had to upgrade to the second one which is the Mophie XL power bank. This one has some of the same features like the iPhone cord in the back but it doesn’t have that micro-USB. It does have an external cable but I hate lugging around different cords! The newer one usually goes in my big bag, but on days where I have more room or I’m carrying devices that don’t need the micro-USB. Related, I have next my iPhone. I kept losing my iPhone 10s so I downgraded to the 8 because it’s cheaper. I have this cute opal case on it.

Also in my bag, I have my business card case. Over the past year, I’ve had so many times where I wanted to give my phone number to someone in a professional way. Most of the time, I didn’t even have a pen and paper. With this, I can now carry a professional one for work at Facebook and then my personal business card with my personal information for side projects. Nowadays, most people don’t carry them (especially not 23 year olds) and it gives so much more of a professional air to you.

My next essential (and notice how I said essential!) is my mask. Unfortunately, we live in a crazy world with pandemics so I carry a mask with me at all times. In my smaller bag, I typically only carry the one, but in my bigger one, I carry an entire pouch full of different masks and disinfectant wipes! It makes it so much easier to pull it out and put it back so everything stays organized. I also like to have options based on if it’s hot or cold or if I’m working out. Having options is so much better because I like to pick and choose based on how I’m feeling. Next, I have my air pods, with the case also being from the Daily Edit, also monogrammed. I love listening to music, it just makes every mundane task so much better. I’m almost always on my AirPods, I take calls on them or listening to music, podcasts, or even YouTube videos.

The last thing I carry in both bags is this cute little compact touch-up bag. I keep mini versions of even more essentials. First up is a Tide pen, I wear a lot of light colors and I LOVE pasta. This combo means I get a lot of stains so a Tide pen can quickly get those pasta loving stains out so it isn’t permanent. Next, I keep my fave lip - NARS Dolce Vita lip pencil, which is super easy to touch up. My Elizabeth Arden 8-hour clear lipstick goes hand in hand with that, keeping my lips super hydrated and is super easy to apply. Then a few other littles things: a hair tie, Q-tips, band-aids, a small perfume (Victor and Rolf Flower Bomb), and an extra pair of contacts. All of this in that compact bag!

The rest are circumstantial items, based on different things like the room in the bag, what I’m doing, or the weather. For example,we have sunscreen, which I carry 90% of the time. If I only running out for a little bit, I won’t bring it if I applied before. But if I’ll be out for two hours or more, I bring it because you HAVE to reapply sunscreen throughout the day. Going off that, I carry my sunglasses, and again, these come with me most of the time when it’s not nighttime. They’re Ray Bans, and they’re so old school glamorous. I also bring with me my reusable straw and silverware - from Anthropologie and Amazon.

Next up, I have my hair brush called the Tangle Teezer, I originally got it because it was so compact (doesn’t have a handle). I didn’t think I would like it as much as I did without the handle. Then, I have my Hydroflask - it fits in the bottom of the Sicily bag! It comes in a pretty purple color called Fog. Lastly, if I have time or am going to be waiting, I bring my Amazon Kindle because I love reading. Right now, I’m reading Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarty.

Hopefully this gave you a little glimpse into an everyday part of my life, let me know in the comments which items in your purse you can’t live without. Also, all of the products that I mentioned will be linked down below!

Dolce and Gabbana Sicily Bag:

Louis Vuitton Neverfull:


Key Holder:

Airpod Case:


Resusable Straws:


Hope you enjoy my fall handbag essentials.

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